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Dr Yalda is a qualified medical doctor specialising in aesthetic medicine. She graduated from the University of Manchester with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) and holds a Level 7 postgraduate qualification in Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr Yalda in a blue dress, sitting on a blue sofa, being filmed at the CCR Expo conference

Dr Yalda at CCR Expo conference as part of the Harley Academy Faculty

Dr Yalda's journey into Aesthetic Medicine started in Nottingham, where she set up her own aesthetic clinic alongside working as an NHS doctor. As her cosmetic career progressed, she began to work as a Lead Trainer for Harley Academy, UK's largest training provider in Aesthetic Medicine. Dr Yalda currently works in Nottingham, London and Bicester. She has a key artistic eye for detail, and her clients regard her as a personable, results-oriented aesthetics doctor. Dr Yalda goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients are completely satisfied by their results.

Having studied and lived in the North West, Dr Yalda has expanded her clinic to Manchester and Leeds.

She has carefully selected her team of medically qualified practitioners which consists of Doctors and Pharmacists. With her training experience, Dr Yalda has taught her techniques and core principles to her team of medically qualified practitioners. She provides ongoing teaching and supervision to continually expand and improve techniques in a fast-paced and changing industry. Her insight, expert supervision and the use of premium brands ensure gold-standard results are reached every time.

⁣⁣In addition to running her Clinics, Dr Yalda works with Dr Ayab Harb at Omniya Clinic in London and Bicester Clinic in Bicester.

“I am passionate about ensuring aesthetics is a carefully regulated industry, conducted with extreme precision, diligence and care.”

– Dr Yalda Jamali

Dr Yalda holds up a bottle of product

Dr Yalda working in her Nottingham Clinic

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